Logo for 1920s-inspired The Gatsby Gamble
1920s Gatsby invitation design event branding by Laura Gibbs
1920s Gatsby invitation event branding by Laura Gibbs

Event Branding


The Gatsby Gamble, an immersive 1920s-themed game, is created by Directors of the Extrordinary.

“Enter the roaring 1920s for an unforgettable Gatsby themed party experience! In this casino game, you’ll interact with Gatsby’s staff, gamble you way to fortune, puzzle out the mystery and with some luck and wit, maybe even become a millionaire!”

– Directors of the Extraordinary

The logo and event branding for the game is inspired by the art deco design aesthetic that was ubiquitous at the time. Golds and silvers against dark shadows denote the tantalising mystery that is the Gatsby Gamble, and the riches waiting to be won.


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