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A brand audit is an opportunity to get your business looked at by someone with experience. It’s a chance to evaluate your brand visuals and strategy so you can stop struggling and start attracting customers who love you.

With a free brand audit, you receive your own personal brand analysis sent to you in a printable PDF booklet. I look at:

  • your overall aesthetic
  • visual design
  • website
  • social media presence
  • messaging
  • positioning

I will send you 3-5 areas you could strengthen with specific recommendations for how to get your brand in tip-top shape.

Audit Form

Fill in the form below with your details, including your brand name, website and primary social media URL and I’ll review them. If you don’t know your social media URL, you can input your username and the the relevant platform instead. (Eg. @YourBusinessName – Facebook)

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I'm a Brisbane-based graphic designer who specialises in branding, logo design and illustration. I create bold, clean, colourful work to showcase your brand's identity and make you stand out.

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