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I'm Laura and I'm a visual branding specialist. I help boutique small businesses attract passionate audiences with bespoke branding and design.

A brand that represents you

Are you struggling to attract a clientele that genuinely cares about you?

Is your DIY branding letting your business down?

Let’s change that!

I provide custom services from logo design to complete brand identity so that your business can look amazing and start attracting the right audience for you.


Nica Bautista, brand and marketing coach testimonial

“For me, the style guide was one of my favourite parts of working with you. I had an easy to refer to document which laid out everything I needed to know. I used it to download the fonts I need and uploaded the hex codes straight into canva. Now I no longer use the eye dropped tool and eyeball if it’s the right colour or not!”

Nica Bautista

Pat Carbin (aka Minemice) testimonial

“When we worked together, I really felt like the project was in safe hands. You took time to analyze the whole project before we started making drafts. You really know what you’re working with and that’s why I was convinced from the beginning that the end-result would be awesome, which it was!”



3 Self Care Tips

I’ve seen a ton of self care advice relating to our physical life but as we spend more time on phones and computers, digital self care is becoming more important. Here are 3 steps I’ve taken to improve this area of my life.

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Color Palette for branding

Colour Palettes

A colour palette is one of the handiest tools you can have in your brand arsenal. Colour communicates with an audience faster than imagery or words – and it does so across all language boundaries.

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Branding Checklist

Before starting to design your logo, website or social media, it’s important to nail down the core of your brand – the identity. Make sure you’ve crossed these points off your branding checklist before moving on to any visuals!

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